Program Overview

Fluency in a foreign language expands your world and opens new doors for life experiences. But that’s not all: The skills developed in language learning make you a better problem-solver, multi-tasker and decision-maker. At Carson-Newman, the Spanish faculty strive to maximize your opportunities to not only improve your skills, but also to grow in your faith, as a person and as a world citizen.

Carson-Newman's Spanish program is unique in the way that we integrate study of the language, literatures and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Our curriculum is topics-based, focusing on specific issues in the Spanish-speaking world and tracing the history of those issues through literature, film, television and the media. 

  • I’m currently the only counselor on my team who can work with Spanish-speaking families, which has made me an asset to my current company (and is just fun for me)!
    Melissa (McKeehan) Powell, 2008 / Licensed Professional Counselor / AspenPointe, Colorado Springs
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