Student Success Center

Student Success is committed to student's academic success from their first research paper to their first job interview. Located on the second floor of the library, the Student Success Center provides academic support and career counseling for all students.

Please contact us for all academic resources, questions/assistance with online needs, and clarifications on advising information/timelines. 



  • What services are provided by the Student Success Center?

    We provide a variety of services including:

    • Academic Advising for all students who have not declared a major
    • Study Groups - Peer tutoring for a variety of subjects
    • Career Development Center
    • Advising students who are on academic probation
    • College Success Strategies courses
    • Student-athletics academic support
    • SNAP (Students Navigating Academic Progress) Study Hall
    • The Writing Center (in conjunction with the English Department)
    • Project/Research Guide (in conjunction with Library Services)
    • THE STORE - Career Closet & Food Pantry
  • I have missed classes and am too nervous to return. What should I do?

    Speak with your academic advisor, return to class, and talk with the professor. Make sure to go to class every day after this.

  • How do I change or add my major/minor?

    You should discuss any change in your major/minor with your Academic Advisor and, if necessary, a counselor in Student Success. If you decide to change your major, then an advisor will discuss the appropriateness of the change based on your career goal. You will fill out a Change of Major form, get necessary signatures, and return to Student Success. Once the change is processed, you will be assigned an advisor in your new academic department.

  • Where is the Student Success Center location?

    We are located on the second floor of the Stephens-Burnett Library

  • Where can I go to find more about the Student Success Center?

    Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to get updates on our programs, services, activities, and events.

  • How do I set up an appointment to talk to someone?

    Call our office at 865-471-3567 or email us at

  • Do I need an appointment?

    No, please stop by when you have the time! The Student Success Center is open twelve months of the year, Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


The Student Success Center is located on the second floor of the library. Stop by and see us!

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  1. Academic Advising
  2. The Writing Center
  3. Career Development
  4. Career Closet & Food Pantry
  5. Study Groups


Student Success Center
Stephens-Burnett Memorial Library
2nd Floor
P 865-471-3567